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January Newsletter 2020

Dennis Kinlaw was president of Asbury College when I attended there. He tells of taking an afternoon walk in the Helderberg Mountains (NY) with Norman Grubb, son-in-law of C. T. Studd, the “Babe Ruth of British Cricket,” who became a missionary to Africa. Grubb spent many years in the heart of Africa, working with his father-in-law. One of the stories that Grubb told Kinlaw was “unforgettable.”

Studd and his missionary team lived deep in the interior of Africa. Their mail only came every two weeks. Their existence depended on the money that came in the mail, so its arrival was always an event. C. T. Studd was the master of ceremonies at this bi-weekly ritual of the “opening of the mail.”

One fortnight there was a pleasing amount of money in the mail. Studd’s comment was, “Bless God forever! He knows what a bunch of grumblers we are, so He sent us enough to keep us quiet!” Another fortnight the amount was quite small. Studd’s comment was, “Hallelujah! We must be growing in grace. He thinks we are learning to trust Him.” One fortnight there was nothing. Grubb said that the missionaries gathered around Studd waiting, wondering what he would say. They were not disappointed. He lifted his voice in a shout, “Hallelujah! Praise God forever! We are in the kingdom already, for in the kingdom there is neither eating nor drinking, but righteousness, joy, and peace in the Holy Ghost!”

Some would think Studd’s faith was reckless, but I suspect that he had a special place in the heart of God because he dared to expect God to be faithful to His promises.

As I look back on 2019, do I see the undeserved goodnesses of God? As we look forward, do we look with joyous anticipation? We should. His track record is very good! May this be your (our) best year yet!


December is usually my busiest season because of the opportunity I have to sing/speak at local small business Christmas banquets. At one time Holmes County was the “small business capital of Ohio,” and many, if not most, of these local businesses are owned by Christians who want a family friendly, Christian program. They may not want a preacher, but they don’t want something devoid of content. I seem to fit right in to that genre. I enjoy having fun, but the end goal is to point folks to real meaning of Christmas: Jesus.

The banquets are also a great help financially to the ministry. The local businesses believe in what Common Ground Ministries is doing and they are generous.

So… I am tired, happy, content, excited, thankful… I have several days off. Bring on 2020!

Leave the irreparable past in His hands and step out into the irresistable future with Him.” – Oswald Chambers

There’s no future in my past.” – Will Stoltz

The best is yet to be!” – Dr. Robert Coleman

2020 will be a great year..” – John Schmid