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“Showing Up: I Was In Prison and You Visited Me”


Showing Up: I Was In Prison And You Visited Me Book by John Schmid – Hard work, heat, bugs, boarding with local families, language barrier, frustration, satisfaction, reward…

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2018 Paperback by John Schmid | Published by JPV Press

Hard work, heat, bugs, boarding with local families, language barrier, frustration, satisfaction, reward…
Sound like something you’ve been dreaming of?

When traveling with John through the pages of this book, you’ll never know what you will encounter.
Ride along as he travels to:

• Prisons
• Promise Keepers
• Foreign Countries
• Recording Studios
• Camps
• Churches


Some people tell stories in a way that refreshes the soul and leaves you with a deeper sense of contentment and joy. John is this kind of storyteller. The stories are sincere, the journey through them is fascinating, and the focus is clearly Jesus. As I read John’s stories, I was privileged to experience a quiet refreshment of the soul. I hope you do too.
–Jeremy Miller (President of Rosedale Bible College)


Over two million men and women are caged like cattle in the cold and often unjust American prison system. It’s a jungle of despair and darkness. Prison rarely, if ever, rehabilitates. It only hardens the hearts of those who have been wounded and confined. There is only one thing that can bring even a shred of hope into such a hopeless world: The gospel of Jesus Christ.

John Schmid has been entering the sinister world of prison and sharing the love and hope of the gospel with thousands of prisoners over the course of many decades. Here are the stories of his journey to bring hope and healing and life to the lost and forgotten people in the world’s most harsh and desolate places.
-Ira Wagler


Combos are common on a restaurant menu, but John Schmid provides the real deal through his authentic storyteller/singer Combo–nation! Be it in a living room, concert hall, cruise ship, or prison chapel, my long-time friend John Schmid (45 years) is the most versatile Christian communicator I’ve ever known. Readers of this book will have their vision enlarged and receive hope to fulfill unrealized dreams.
-Nelson Coblentz (Founder of Gospel Express Ministries)


John Schmid is quite a treasure as a minstrel and Christian folk philosopher. On these pages, you can travel with him around his northeastern Ohio community and the rest of the world. You’ll have prison visits, Central American mission trips, benefit concerts, and churches—all in colorful English, Spanish, and even Pennsylvania Dutch.
-Levi Miller (Mennonite Historical Committee)

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